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Single cone rotary crystallizer Introduction
The single-cone rotary crystallizer is equipped with a heating plate, so that the material in the cylinder can be reduced to a predetermined temperature for a short time, and the temperature of the material is controlled by the internal heating plate and the cold medium flowing in the jacket. This internal and external common control is effective. It ensures the homogeneity of the material temperature and ensures the crystalline crystal form.

Features of Single cone rotary crystallizer
The main difference between Single cone rotary crystallizer equipment and the traditional double-cone mold is no filter plate is required. The traditional horizontal vacuum tube design is changed to a structure with an elbow that can be rotated at the vacuum end. When facing upwards, it can be used for feeding. When the rotation is turned down, the supernatant can be extracted from the upper part of the crystallization material. The separation of the material from the mother liquor replaces the original filter disc. As the pipe is fed upwards, the loading factor is increased by more than 65%, while the conventional horizontal design has a vacuum pipe loading factor below 50%.

Working principle
The cylinder is turned to the horizontal position, and the jacket and the inner heat-conducting plate are fed with the refrigerant at the same time. Since the heat-conducting plate is in direct contact with the materials, the material temperature is quickly uniformed and the heat exchange rate is fast, not only improving the purity of the material, but also shortening the material. Heat exchange time, improve production efficiency.
After the crystallization is complete, start the equipment and rotate the cylinder 360 degrees to separate the material from the cylinder and prepare the next supernatant. When the supernatant is withdrawn, the vacuum head is facing downwards. After the vacuum is drawn, the vacuum head is turned upwards, and vacuum drying is performed. At the same time, the apparatus is started to rotate the cylinder body. After the material is dried, the cone end is facing down so that the material can be completely discharged.

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