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Our History
Our Factory
THINKON is the first- class PVC foam board factory in China, it was established in 2003, with more than 15 years manufacturing experience. THINKON specialize in producing PVC free foam board, PVC celuka foam board, PVC co-extrude foam board, color PVC foam board ect.
Our Product
PVC free foam board, PVC celuka foam board, PVC co-extruded foam board, color PVC foam board
product Application
1, Industrial used. It’s the first choice of material for interior decoration that perfect for vehicles such as car, plane, subway, train, ship, elevator.
2, Advertising use. It can fulfill demand for silk-screen, plate printing, framed paintings, sculpture, modeling, sign and marking, displaying, molding type, gift and handcraft manufacture, etc...
3, Architectural decoration use. It can do great in exterior wall of building, interior decoration, toilet partition, the house interval decoration, the whole door manufacturing, public decoration and so forth.
4, What’s more, it’s also hot used in furniture making industry, like high-grade furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, furniture in public place and home furniture, and even more.
Our Certificate
SGS, CE, UL, Flame retardant B1 grade
Production Equipment
High-tech automatic production line,7 lines extruder
Production Market
North America:38.4%
Domestic Market:16%
South America:9.3%
Mid East:6%
Southeast Asia:5.9%
Eastern Asia:5.4%
Western Europe:4%
South Asia:3%
Northern Europe:3%
Others: 9%
Our Service
1,We can offer samples for the quality checking
2,Welcome to visit our factory
3, OEM/ODM custom design acceptable
4, 24 hours online service
5, Immediate shipmentwholesale Fireproof Pvc Foam Board 12mm
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